<@Zaith>  Welcome to Zaith's mIRCScripting.info site.
<@Zaith>  At the moment the only thing on here is the template that I made.
<@Zaith>  Really, the template is WHY I am making this site.
<@Zaith>  I just wanted to see if I could make a template to look close to the mIRC IRC Program.
<@Zaith>  The menu bar (File,View,Favorites..) will eventually be a DHTML dropdown menu system, simulating the bar in mIRC.
<@Zaith>  Thanks to sh0cknock for the subdomain.
<@Zaith>  Sorry I haven't been around, but a Neverwinter Nights world has me scripting for them, and its damn near a fulltime non-paying job in itself.